All renumeration will go to Counselling In France and its group of sister websites, which is an association whose statutes can be found on the website home page.

What do you get?
A fully designed and optimised sub-domain website with up to 10 pages, email services, hosting and backup. I can design it for you or you can tell me what you want. You can also choose to have the example design shown on this website.

Where will my website be shown?
Once you have paid for the amount of time you need, your website will be given a sub-domain so that you can advertise that website address.

Here is an example of a sub-domain -  Your subdomain would be your property name - dot -

What will it cost?
Counselling In France is non-profit-making, so the costs are kept low and contributions to this service help to pay for the running and provision of services etc. To create a website for your property and use Now For Sale for advertising your property, the rates are as follows:

  • 3 months for 20 euros or £20
  • 6 months for 30 euros or £30
  • 1 year for 35 euros or £35

How will I market my property?
You can advertise it on Ebay or on any other property website. Having a website will allow you to showcase your property with full descriptions and plenty of photographs. This should give you an advantage over most websites who restrict how many photos you can have and where you are competing with others. People like to be able to communicate with sellers directly rather than through commercial enterprises.

I don't know how to create a website, so what do I need to do?
Most people don't know how to create a website and will often turn to the free website providers such as Wix. These are excellent websites but will often charge for various services. All you need to do is tell me what you would like your website to look like, decide the names for your pages, send me your photos via WeTransfer and your text in Microsoft Word.

Finally, what if I don't like the website?
There is no obligation to pay until I have done a mock-up and you have approved it and agreed to proceed. I will do my very best to help you achieve what you want, but you can walk away at any time up until you pay for your website.


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